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London Down Creates The Late 80s and 90s Alt Rock Sound

London Down Dreamcrusher

San Jose, California band London Down has released a new EP Dreamcrusher packed with 90s styled alternative rock with pre-grunde ethos and catchy melodies. London Down has member Steve Hartsoe as singer and guitarist and Chris Carbone on bass. The two are known for playing together in The Raging Marys. The Raging Marys released their first album Birthday in 1989 and it was a lost gem in the early grunge movement along side bands like Mudhoney, and The Tragically Hip.

London Down carries on that legacy with Dreamcrusher a four song EP with retro 90s sounds gritty vocals and clear tones. The bad is tight with precise drumming, rhythm and lead guitar with a melodic and punchy driving bass. The guitars are a highlight on the album with jangling tones lined with chorus, Marshall stack overdrive and interlocking riffs. The guitar leads are melodic and bring the listener back to the alternative hits of the 90s. The drum and bass work well together with tight drumming and bass lines that enhance the rhythms and bring depth and clarity to the melody of the songs.

Dreamcrusher is having a record release party scheduled for Friday October 22nd 2021 at Quarter Note Bar in Sunnyvale, California. The official digital release takes place on October 1st 2021 allowing listeners around the world to experience this unique and inspired album.

London Down has a polished sound with tight tones, reverbs, chorus and other effects yet the instruments maintain presence and clarity. Focused on soaring melodies, the band has subtle showmanship and experimentation staying true to the electric folk rock foundations of their songs. The band injects a new sense of precision and highly considered production. Their dedication to the alternative rock genre over the years allows them to do what the do best. 

London Down are experts in this genre of mid to late 80s rock sound. They contributed to the early days of alternative rock starting in the mid-80s. The band takes the complete history of the alternative and pre-grudge sound spins it together with popular punk and electric folk. This constellation of interconnected genres are seamlessly blended into a sound that is refreshingly authentic and could easily have been heard on independent radio in the 90s and today.

The album has a big dynamic sound with the help producer Kevin Army; Army is a Bay Area producer and engineer who has worked with Green Day and Operation Ivy. Army helped the band to choose these four songs out of more than 20 demos. The full and clear master from Justin Perkins who has worked on music by The Replacements and Bash ’n Pop. This is an authentic cut of sound with a rich tones and treatments which fit Dreamcrusher neatly into the revitalized 90s sound. 

Dreamcrusher’s lyrics poetically infuse natural imagery, light, darkness, friendship and love in to each song. Their sound is optimistic and generates a positive energy throughout the album.

The evolution of London Down has taken place over the course of 25 years. They started The Raging Marys with the release of the full-length Birthday in 1985 which was an important high point in their career. This album led the band to open for Mudhoney, The Tragically Hip and Chris Isaak. Birthday was recently reissued for the first time digitally and it highly recommended. 

POW Magazine published an article about The Raging Marys first album that contextualizes the early West Coast grunge scene. 

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Dreamcrusher is a strong album with a central focus on quality songwriting and highly considered tones and production. Each of the four songs offers something interesting and unique. The two guitarists have dual licks, interlocking riffs and beautifully paired sounds. The rhythm is strong and tight and driving. The vocals are optimistic and provide meaning to the music. Their melodies feel classic, expressive and at times big and soaring. The overall, sound is well-done with a balance of retro and modern elements that captures a popular appeal combined with sophisticated song-craft. The album feels like a time capsule going back to the radio hits of the late 80s and 90s alt rock scene.

The Raging Marys experienced the tragic death of Gerry Henne, the bands creative guitarist and The band reformed years later as London Down. London Down continued making music in the same vein as The Raging Marys and the latest release Dreamcrusher brings the band ever closer to those early days. There is an underground demand for the sounds of the late 80s and the 90s and Dreamcrusher offers high production value, creativity and a polished sound that shines a spotlight on positive emotive expression. 

London Down Dreamcrusher