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New Week New Release: Marshmallow Overcoat’s “Wait For Her” b/w “The Marshmallow Theme”

The Marshmallow Overcoat is a band who’s roots go back to the 1980’s Paisley Underground scene, and it’s clear from the first listen of this new 45 RPM single that they’re not new to making this kind of music. Both of these songs have an authentically late 1960’s feel, in the compositional elements of the songwriting as well as the quality of the recording. As the band’s name might suggest, this music brings to mind late 60’s psych-pop such as Strawberry Alarm Clock and the Electric Prunes. 

Side A, “Wait For Her,” is a delightfully catchy pop tune driven by jangly 12 string guitar and smooth background vocals that sit just underneath Timothy Gassen’s understated lead vocal, a vocal that blends in with the song in a very 1960’s way rather than sticking out of the mix like on many modern recordings. The way the instruments are compressed and the way the song is mixed bring to mind 60’s recording techniques, and this attention to detail really pays off – the classic psych-pop vibe is achieved in a very authentic way. Overall, this song moves along at a steady and moderate pace, sets a mood and holds it there the whole way through, and is very pleasant to listen to. 

Side B, The Marshmallow Theme, continues the laid-back vibe but ramps up the psychedelic instrumentation with interesting chord changes, vibrato organ, tremolo guitars, and harmonies straight out of 1968. Over three decades after the band’s formation, they get their very own theme song a la The Monkees (or Monks, take your pick) and it’s a lot of fun to listen to. It’s a bold move to make a theme song for your band. There are rules to this kind of thing. The song is destined to become your mission statement, a definition of your sound, and the place where most people will start when searching through your catalog on streaming services. The band pulls this off very well here. It’s a perfect invitation for anyone just discovering them now to go back and rediscover their older material. The song ends with a swell of backwards guitar and it leaves the listener wanting more – a very effective way to get me to listen to a song over and over! 

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