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Summer Singles Round Up!

Summer is in full swing, and bands have been releasing some fantastic singles! Here’s a roundup of some of the best new releases and some of the full length releases we have to look forward to:

The Small Breed- The Fifth Season

The Small Breed, out of the Netherlands, always do a phenomenal job of spinning baroque, psychedelic melodies. On “The Fifth Season” they’re delving even more into heavy psych than on previous releasing, making me very excited for their next full release!

Acid Tongue (feat Death Valley Girls)- Take Me To Your Leader

A heavy rockin, rollin, new psych collaboration between Acid Tongue and Death Valley Girls with a trippy video to boot. What’s not to like?

La Luz- Watching Cartoons

I’m obsessed with the dreaminess of this track, combined with the fantastic visual of the video. Part Scooby Doo, part Gumby, part Pee Wee’s Playhouse, the video is paired with the heavy keys and haunting melodies of the ladies of La Luz.

Starcrawler- Goodtime Girl

Starcrawler may be one of the most purely rock n roll bands out on the scene. Just straight up, in your face, raw rock fronted by
Arrow de Wilde, one of the most intimidating women I’ve ever seen- part Courtney Love, part Iggy Pop. “Goodtime Girl” doesn’t disappoint.

Josie Cotton- Calling All Girls

Josie Cotton has been bringing kitschy fun to the scene since the days of Valley Girl, and I’ve been a fan nearly my whole life. Still rocking her signature style, “Calling All Girls” is a fun, poppy alien invasion full of hooks.

Gabriel’s Dawn- I Don’t Believe (In The Summer Of Love)

I absolutely adore this band, and cannot wait for their first full release. I love the dreamy 60s janglepop, the tone of the singer’s voice, and the sweet sincerity of their tunes. “I Don’t Believe (In The Summer of Love” is another fantastic track that just leaves me craving a full release from Gabriel’s Dawn.

Ezat- “I Know What That’s Like”

Dreamy, New York, indie pop and a video that feels like 90s public access tv- I’m crazy about it. This band’s first 2 albums are in constant rotation in my home, and I suspect their next full release will be as well.