Pow Magazine

 Pow! Magazine Anthology Part 3

KFJC Month of Mayhem 2012:
Pow! Magazine was a 1980's amateur 'zine that covered the local college radio and indie music scene of San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland, California. Pow! Magazine, self-produced by Dennis Gonzales for three years, was distributed by record stores throughout California and the East Coast. The magazine was comprised of musicians, artists and volunteers interviewing bands, DJs and club owners. Mayhem 2011 featured two 4-hour shows highlighting interviews and music from the college bands of the era. The last installment featured the Psychedelic Underground music of LA and beyond in the late 80's with unpublished tape interviews & reviews such as The Morlocks, The Fuzztones, The Pandoras, The Tell-Tale Hearts, Thee Forgiven and many more.

Look for the rebroadcast of Pow! Magazine Anthology Part 3 May 2013.

Hosted by Pete Dixon & Dennis Gonzales
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