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    Kilowatt Bar 3.9.24 –  My Dallas Teens, Down Dirty Shake, The Love Dimension

    Another Saturday night in San Francisco, and another great psych show. DJ Mr. Robinson spun all vinyl throughout the night, starting out with some chill Ravi Shankar at door time, and building throughout the night through an eclectic mix of classic psych and modern rock music. The projections were provided by White Light Prism, a mix of post-modern collage art and optical art moires throughout all the sets. Each band got their own visual pallet, making each song unique and different looking. Often  there were two smaller split screens behind the bands, juxtaposing imagery with  flashing strobes of nature visuals, classic 60s psych imagery, surf imagery, and film-grain urban landscapes…

  • A night of cosmic exploration featuring: THE SPIRAL ELECTRIC (heavy melodic psych) MORRISON GRAVES (psych rock) SILENT PICTURES (post-punk / psych) THE GREEN DOOR (western psych)
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    Kilowatt Bar 2.1.24 – Green Door, Silent Pictures, Morrison Graves, The Spiral Electric

    Photography by emi – emi-arts.com Another winter rainy night in the Mission, San Francisco. Even though it was the first of the month, and pouring down rain, the show was still a great turnout. There was no DJ, no lightshow; just four solid bands from SF, the East Bay, and Portland. Turnovers were fast, and each band played a lengthy set, getting warmed up and hitting the grooves very fast. Drug and sex movies played behind the bar on TV screens, and lots of photographers were in attendance, as this event was highly documented. New and old friends were all there, like any good SF psych show. Opening the night…

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    IVY ROOM 9.23 | Star Decay, The Love Dimension, Melting Elephants

    It was a good turnout for a Wednesday night in Berkeley. It’s good for San Francisco and East Bay bands to play shows on both sides of the Bay. Different people from parts of the city make it out who would not otherwise. It’s hard to always be going to San Francisco or Oakland for shows, as band members often live in many different parts of the Bay Area. People like to go out locally on a weeknight for shows, and it showed at this event. The Ivy Room is a great venue in North Berkeley to do shows for those who live in that neck of the woods. It…

  • Psyched! Fest
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    Knockout 10.27.23 – Psyched! Fest 2023. Reckling, Annabelle Chairlegs, Daydream Twins, The Grizzled Mighty and WIFE

    I attended Psyched! Fest 2023 show at the Knockout on October 27th, one of multiple shows sponsored by Psyched! Radio SF. This was the sixth show in their series of shows in San Francisco. This was the smallest of all the shows, showcasing bands in a smaller and more intimate venue, where they could interact with the crowd in all their Halloween costumes. There was a DJ set by 13 Angels, playing some good standards like The Smiths and others, to set the mood of the show in between sets, “spinning melodic enchantments that will transport you to otherworldly dimensions,” but it’s also hard to hear the DJ at the…

  • Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - Datura
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    Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – Datura

    Lorelle Meets The Obsolete has returned with their sixth album, Datura. This two-piece group from Baja California, Mexico has been very active on the scene for 10 years. With such a large catalog of songs, the band has gone back to their old music, applying new arrangements, different instruments, and new production techniques. Always looking forward, this reworking of old material inspired the group to take a bold new direction to keep things new and exciting. This approach is heard all over Datura, as the band embraces a more experimental, stripped down production technique. The album was recorded at their home studio, but mixed by Jace Lasek of The Besnard…

  • Music Box Presents - Kilowatt Bar 4.1.23
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    Music Box Presents – Kilowatt Bar 4.1.23

    Everyone was on the guest list for this event, and it wasn’t just an April fool’s joke. Music Box Presents hosted an amazing night of psychedelic and new wave rock music at the Kilowatt Bar on this past April 1st , 2023. It’s amazing the amount of people that come out of the woodwork for a free rock show in San Francisco. Not only did lots of denizens of the SF psych scene make an appearance, lots of just average people going out on a Saturday night in the Mission District also got to be exposed to some really good original music from two really talented new bands. Alongside friends…