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    Discography Biography #2

    It’s time for the newest installment of Discography Biography- POW’s monthly look into the mind, and the record collection of a various musician. For those who missed our inaugural feature, here’s a quick rundown: As any music lover knows, there’s a huge difference between “desert island discs”, favorite records, most influential records, etc. The ones that interest me the most are the ones that are the most personal- the albums that define who you are, the ones that could be called the soundtrack of your life. Every month here on POW, I’ll be talking to a different musician about the top 3 albums that make up what I’ve affectionately titled…

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    KZSU /Pow Magazine Transition Show with Dennis Gonzales / Sheena Salazar Full Show

    The KZSU / Pow Magazine Transition radio program with host Kim Walter of The Acupuncture Hour and special guests Dennis Gonzales of Pow Presents, and Sheena Salazar, the new managing editor of Pow Magazine. We discuss why Dennis retired from running the magazine, starting Pow Presents, and curating of the next Gathering of The Tribes music and art festival. Kim interviews Sheena about her new role under the POW franchise, and the future of Pow Magazine. Featuring music from Blue Dream, The Pre Fab Messiahs, The Evening Attraction, Archie and The Bunkers, Mysterious Clouds, and The Reverberations.  

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    Underground Mayhem With Mike Glendinning Pow Magazine & The San Francisco Great Society May 2018

    Underground Mayhem with Mike Glendinning and MisterMcDougal from Shilsound Recording conduct the most comprehensive interview with Dennis Gonzales, the founder of Pow Magazine and Pow Presents, and the co-founder of The San Francisco Great Society. We discuss the ins and outs of running a publication, the history of how the publication started, and the building of the social media version. Also discussed are the ways bands should approach a magazine to get a review or an article about them, and the process of putting together music and art festivals. Following that, we announce the new managing editor of Pow Magazine, Sheena Salazar, and the future of Pow Magazine and Pow…