• Big Brother and the Holding Company
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    POW Co-Presents: Big Brother & the Holding Company: Live in 360° Virtual Reality

    We’ve always wanted to let you in on what it really feels like for us to perform Cheap Thrills together.  Join us on Oct. 10th and we will transport you to Fairfax, CA to be a member in the band for a one-of-a-kind Rock n’ Roll experience full of surprises.Get your ticket by Sept. 22nd and Musae will send you a free Virtual Reality headset. No masks, no crowds, and yet we will all be together. We can’t think of a better time for this to happen.Original members Peter Albin (bass & vocals) and Dave Getz (drums) are joined by Darby Gould (vocals), Tom Finch (guitar & vocals) and David…

  • POW LS1 POSTER Designed by Jessica Bahl
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    Thank you everyone for the support (and funding) for our first stream last night. I’ve done a lot of big things in music the last few decades, but this was a rough project for us, but we did great, despite technical glitches. I make no apologies for technology, but we will do better next time. The emotional vibe for feedback from music fans and musicians (at the event and online), “we must try again.” And we will. It was a learning experience and I think we have a formula to focus on. The goal is to support musicians in a TV format. A different side of vinyl which we’ve been…

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    Incoming! Asteroid No. 4: Northern Songs

    Defying definition, psychedelic rock exists across a mind-bending spectrum of sound and interpretation. Born from the reconciliation of volume, effects, reverb, and joy, psych rock married post war optimism with misfit counterculture. Their children, a strange brew of electrified folk and barroom boogie-woogie, spawned countless manifestations. Each artist, each era, each scene added its innovation to stretch the genre. Hawkwind and Byrds, Velvets and Verve pushed an ever-evolving sound beyond a unifying theme. Thus, the A-4, restless, modern musicians, suffused in spans of harmonic action and reaction, push towards the future, capably plucking the choicest echoes from the past’s musical vineyard. … the A-4, restless, modern musicians, suffused in spans…