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Bloomin’ and Groovin’ With The Blank Tapes

The Blank Tapes are currently on tour in support of their new EP, Super Bloom. The 6 track EP is full of stoney, California psych pop and is heavily instrumental. Put it on for your summer road trips, roll the windows down and dig the sounds.

You can get Super Bloom here.

Matt Adams and POW Editor Sheena Salazar

POW also caught up with Matt Adams at The Blank Tapes show in Portland OR, at The Liquor Store. We discussed the Super Bloom EP, which was recorded across several sessions and involved contributions from alumn from the likes of Sugar Candy Mountain and Guantanamo Baywatch, but as always was mostly the work of Matt himself. The EP is out on cassette (or for download) from Brown Truck records. During our interview Matt also hinted that a full album may be coming out later this year, so we’ll stay tuned and enjoy the EP for now!

Matt Adams’ Phenomenal Guitar Solo Talents

The Blank Tapes gave a phenomenal performance as always. Matt’s backing musicians are all excellent, and the band is completely tight and on their game. Though the crowd on a Wednesday night in Portland was rather small, the band played as though they were playing a sold out venue. Matt’s solos alone, as evidenced above, are worth the cost of admission. Some of you may have been lucky enough to catch the band at Huichica Music Festival- for those who weren’t, you still have a chance to catch them June 22nd in Yucca Valley at Yucca Man Shakedown, June 23rd at The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, or July 19th at The Independent in San Francisco!

Opening acts Juniper Purr and Shadowgraphs, both locals from Portland, were both very cool and worth a listen as well. You can find Juniper Purr here, and Shadowgraphs here.

Check out a gallery from the show below! (All photos by staff photographer Kurt Johnson)