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Another New Release: Råttanson’s “I’d Much Rather Be With The Noise”

Open Mind Records proudly presents the second album I’d Much Rather Be with the Noise from the mighty poptastic noise machine and rock’n’roller Råttanson.

The self-produced, low-budget, high-ambition album contains 14 sizzling original cuts. There’s a shalalala here, a hand clap there, Diddley and Wilko rhythms, snotty nasal vocals, pop á la Undertones and Spector, garage rock reminiscent of Lyres and suddenly a cowpunk banjo. Sure, there are vibes of 60s and Swedish 80s-garage but this funtastic noise expedition is way more diversified and thrilling than that. Råttanson is a Swedish garage rock/power pop/rock’n’roll DIY solo project.

For I’d Much Rather Be with the Noise he has brought in a supreme driving force behind the skina Anders Björnlund from the Turpentines/the HiJackers. On top of that, Råttanson and Anders together with Alex from the Why Oh Whys on bass will form a power trio to promote the album with full-scale performances, so keep your eyes open and catch them
live if you can.

I’d Much Rather Be with the Noise is admittedly, a little all over the place. There’s the Exploding Hearts-esque punky powerpop of tracks like “Small Venue Concerts”, “Hometown Out of Towner” and “Risking My Heart”, the dirty bluesy rock n roll of “Can’t Let Them Win” and “Rathole Guest”, the garage-y “Dancing On The Head of Snakes” and “Want You Around”, psychedelic paisley underground vibes of “In A Peak State With You”, the oldies influenced “No Best of Me” “Bamalamalicious”, and the alt-country/cowpunk of “Sure of My Doubts”, “Sixgun Smile” and “Untamed Dame”. But…..I don’t care that it’s all over the place, because it’s all fucking great.

Choice tracks include “Small Venue Concerts”, “Hometown Out of Towner”, “In A Peak State With You”, and “No Best of Me”

I love self produced passion projects from people who just love good music and wanna put their stuff out there. Råttanson is doing a killer job of that, and this is definitely an album to check out. It’s got a little something for everyone, and it’s a fun listen!

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