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Pow Presents POW STREAM 1

Release Date: July 20, 2020 Press Release: POW LS1

Exactly four-months ago today, Pow Presents started to promote their second live music event for The San Francisco Great Society, but postponed the event one month later due to the pandemic. Like so many other shows in the Bay Area and across the nation, live music at venues and music festivals were either postponed or cancelled. We knew that we had to continue to promote music during the pandemic, but safely and creatively. Our first LIVE STREAM was the solution. On the 11th of September, Pow Presents and Homietofu Entertainment will be joining forces once again, but this time broadcasting live streaming west coast bands and solo artists through Pow Magazine’s social media platforms.  POW LS1 will bring you continuous live music, and music videos for six hours starting 3 PM (PDT) on a summer Friday afternoon. Live links will be available on the day of the show before 3 PM. Chill with us with the sound of psychedelic rock, garage noise, folk, experimental and blues on our website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  

Featuring Bolero!, Agouti, Lemat, Occult Stereo, Dream Wulf, Paulis Eye, Chief, The Reverberations, Rose, Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah, Psyched Out, Black Satori, Steve Moonboots, Lucid Lynx, The Alternating Currents and many more with visual ambience by Zachary Rodell. 

Pow Magazine continues to promote music after nine-years and we will continue through these uncertain times. Support POW LS1, support the musicians and keep the music alive. To donate, please visit paypal.me/powmagazine (one time donation) or Patreon.com/PowMagazine (monthly donation) for our musicians and continue to support live stream. Any amount is appreciated.

Thank you.

Dennis Gonzales

Pow Presents



Pow Presents – POW STREAM 1

Our Guests:
Agouti, LEMAT, Occult Stereo, BOLERO!, Dream Wulf, Paulis Eye, Chief, The Reverberations, Rose, Lee Gallagher, Psyched Out, Black Satori, Stevie Moonboots, Lucid Lynx, The Alternating Currents and more

Featuring 2020 Music Videos

Visual Ambience By
Zachary Rodell

September 11, 2020

Showtime: 3 PM (PDT) @POWMAGAZINE- Facebook / YouTube / Instagram / Twitter. Links will be posted here on the day of the show.

For more information, visit: www.powmagazine.org

Homietofu Entertainment

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We did a little impromptu video shoot during our meeting today in downtown Mountain View on a nice afternoon. We even had an on-the-spot camera guy, Curtis we just met who has the desire to do video photography.So he’s joining our crew! This is what Pow Magazine is all about folks. Donate now to raise funds for the bands at POW LS1: Patreon.com/PowMagazine 100% of your donation is for the bands! Peace, love and music. Dennis Gonzales Pow Presents PowMagazine.org