• The Chemistry Set's "Pink Felt Trip"
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    They Blinded Me with Psych! The Chemistry Set’s “Pink Felt Trip”

    As a mom of an 8 month old, most of the music I’m currently listening to is “Baby Shark” related. And while those “doo doo doo doo”s are admittedly pretty catchy, it’s incredibly refreshing for me to get to hear something complex, ephemeral, and COOL. Pink Felt Trip, the latest album from The Chemistry Set is all of those things and more. The Chemistry Set are no newcomers to the scene- this year marks their 35th anniversary making music. The cult London Psychedelic band The Chemistry Set have quite a history. Founded by Dave Mclean and Paul Lake in 1987, the band are veterans of the alternative Manchester label “Imaginary”…

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    New Week New Release: Marshmallow Overcoat’s “Wait For Her” b/w “The Marshmallow Theme”

    The Marshmallow Overcoat is a band who’s roots go back to the 1980’s Paisley Underground scene, and it’s clear from the first listen of this new 45 RPM single that they’re not new to making this kind of music. Both of these songs have an authentically late 1960’s feel, in the compositional elements of the songwriting as well as the quality of the recording. As the band’s name might suggest, this music brings to mind late 60’s psych-pop such as Strawberry Alarm Clock and the Electric Prunes.  Side A, “Wait For Her,” is a delightfully catchy pop tune driven by jangly 12 string guitar and smooth background vocals that sit…