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Take A Trip to Space With Three Dimensional Tanx’s “Attack”

If you’re looking for some high-energy fun to start your weekend off right, look no further than Attack, the 2016 release from Three Dimensional Tanx. Combining psych, garage, punk, and Krautrock, and embellishing with space-age synths and prog-esque styling, the Lancaster UK band’s 4th album is a buffet of styles, all neatly compacted down into a supersonic 35 minutes.

Attack‘s opening track, “Motorbootin’”, blasts off with searing guitars and 60s organ sounds- (plus you’ve gotta love the kinds of drummers who almost make you feel bad for the drumset!)- a wild but fleeting introduction to the rest of the album. Other tracks like “Hot Dog”, personal favorite “Pink Spaceship”, and “Son of Go” feature similar, space-age garage-punk grooves and all clock in under two and a half minutes.

The album’s strongest sounds however come from the 2 tracks which anchor each “side” of the album. The first, “Trip Hazard” is an expansive, droning descent into psychedelia which flows between tempos with impressive ease. The second, and the album’s closing track, “Astral Plane Flight Attendant”, sounds like 6 minutes of psychedelia from the future: an ephemeral journey through space that builds and gathers speed up to its meteoric close.

Attack is 12 tracks of rocket-fueled rock n roll. More importantly, it’s an album that was clearly fun to make- Three Dimensional Tanx aren’t taking themselves too seriously, they’re just having a good time and playing good rock n roll. This vibe is captured perfectly in the video for “Pink Spaceship”, a hilarious stop-motion tale featuring guest dinosaur appearances and robot romance. Watch it below:

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Written By Sheena Salazar for POW Magazine