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New Week, New Release: Omicron J Trauma

I’m a sucker for cute young guys making good music. Alright, mostly I’m just a sucker for good music, but cute guys are also a plus. As I absent-mindedly searched through new releases tagged “powerpop” on Bandcamp, I happened across a cool looking album cover by a band with a weird name, and well, here we are. Omicron J Trauma are 2 young guys from Dallas (plus a veteran drummer/producer) who have just released their first album, You Should Have Thought About That. Here’s why it’s worth your time

The first track on the release, “Good Conversation”, has been stuck in my head for several weeks now. Catchy, straight forward rock n roll with some 90s Sloan-esque powerpop influences. I dig it a lot and you will too.

The arpeggiating synths on “Luna”’s chorus are a fun and unexpected, and bring the whole thing up a notch. 

The last track, “Madly Crazy” is backwards. No, not featuring a backwards solo or partial vocal- the song is backwards. It’s so random and unexpected and weird, and really fun. Will I be playing this track a ton? Probably not, but I really admire a band who is willing to throw something like this into the mix. Check out a video for the song below.

There’s something decidedly modern and young about this band although I can’t put my finger on what it is. They’re not trying to be anything, although there’s definitely some influences which can be heard. I’m really looking forward to seeing where they go from here.

Here’s the band’s official bio, as sent to me. It’s definitely not wrong:

“Omicron J Trauma brings their fresh approach to rock from Deep Ellum in the heart of Dallas’s exploding music scene.  Insightful songwriter Brandon Brown pairs his vocals with guitarist Nash Griggs and veteran drummer-producer Nathan Adamson to create a dissociative rock sonic kaleidoscope.  Recorded in Deep Ellum’s tape-and-typewriter studio Ferralog, Omicron J. Trauma’s debut EP “You Should Have Thought About That” is a straight-to-the head mix of power pop and sonic experimentation so deep you won’t know what hit you. “

Choice tracks on You Should Have Thought About That are definitely “Good Conversation”, “Luna”, and “Leave You Alone”.

Follow the band and get the album here: