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New Week, New Release: The Rosalyns “Outta Reach”

The Rosalyns, a supergroup of girls in the garage featuring Anja Stax (The Loons), Lori Sokolowski (Gloomsday), Lety Beers (The Schizophonics), Amy Gore (The Gore-Gore Girls), and Birdy Bardot, who has one of the most perfect “garage rock” vocals I’ve ever heard, seriously.

“The Rosalyns first assembled six years ago to pay tribute to the “girls in the garage” sound of the 1960s- trailblazing bands like the Pleasure Seekers, the Liverbirds, The Clingers, the Daughters of Eve, the Ace of Cups, and the Belles- young women who took up guitars, basses and drums to make some rock n roll noise of their own in a field dominated by men. Swimming against the tide, those groups struggled for respect and acceptance at the time, but they picked the locks of doors others later kicked open. For the five ladies in the Rosalyns, the inspiration of those original girl garage rockers runs deep. You can hear it in every note they play on this, their debut album.”

Ashley Longworth, Ugly Things Magazine

The Rosalyns debut album, Outta Reach, is out now on Pig Baby Records, and it is a groovy garage dance party you’ve gotta check out.

The debut album is chocked full of killer covers- from The Shangri-Las, The Yardbirds, The Paragons, Anthony and The Imperials, Karen Verros, Tommy Roe, She, The Modern Lovers, The Clingers and more. The covers are all done justice while still being given a modern, more rocked up twist from The Rosalyns. It’s “Girls In The Garage” for the 21st century.

Several of the cover songs from the album are found on the very first Girls In The Garage album, a record with special sentiment for me because my dad gifted the bubblegum pink vinyl copy of it to me for my 18th birthday. Hearing songs like the Belles’ “Come Back”, Denise and Co’s “Take Me As I Am” rocked so hard by these ladies makes me so happy and I can’t help but groove all over my living room as I’m listening.

My favorite tracks on the album are probably “Gonna Have A Good Time” which closes out the A side and is just a party pressed right into the vinyl (dig that wild organ riff in the middle! Dig Birdy Bardots wild rock n roll growls!), and their absolutely fucking searing cover of The Stooges’ “Search and Destroy”, which closes out the album.

The supergroup are not only total babes with killer style (their signature matching outfits are all handsewn by Anja!), but they just ROCK. While yes, they are girls in the garage, there’s no gimmick of “hey, we’re cute chicks so we get a pass on not being great musicians”; none of that shit. They rock a lot harder than many male dominated acts out there, and they look a hell of a lot better doing it. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing The Rosalyns live in San Diego, and the crowd can’t help but break into a dance party when faced with the quintets infectious energy, superb style, and clear talent.

In conclusion: I really wanna be a Rosalyn. Ladies, if you ever want a 6th member call me, I can shake the hell out of a tambourine!

Outta Reach is out now, on one of our favorite labels, Pig Baby Records. Get it here and start doing the Go-Go Gorilla now!

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