• Aoife Nessa Frances Protector
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    Aoife Nessa Frances has returned with a new album, Protector

    Aoife Nessa Frances has returned with a new album, Protector, on Partisan records. Starting off the album is the calm track, “Way to Say Goodbye.” The soothing vocals are mixed over a mid-tempo beat, with a creative use of brass and strings that softly creep up in the mix, which opens the door to the rest of the album. “This Still Life” has a similar vibe and production. “Emptiness Follows” has a fantasy acoustic-type vibe with shimmering keyboards and/or mellotron. Harps and Brass accentuate the chorus, giving it a timeless feel and the hearing of music on a grand scale. The next track, “Only Child” features a toe-tapping minimal beat,…

  • C.ROSS’s new full length album “Skull Creator”
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    C.ROSS’s new full length album “Skull Creator”

    Story by: Matt Robeson Martin Skull Creator is the new album by C. Ross (Chad Ross) of the Canadian bands Comet Control, Quest for Fire, Nordic Nomadic, and the Deadly Snakes. Recorded at the Balloon Factory in Vancouver, British Columbia by Joshua Wells, the album has a very cosmic acoustic style production that permeates across the album as a whole. Each song is uniquely different. However, the lush, mellow production dresses each track differently, like they were all cut from the same mold. This would be a soundtrack to a rainy morning, with chill vocals resting perfectly atop the lush acoustic production of each track. Sweeping synths on some of…

  • Return of the Bay Area Psychedelic Rock Scene
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    Return of the Bay Area Psychedelic Rock Scene

    "As the sun set through the clouds over Haight street, the faint sound of a Turkish drum being played can be heard in the distance amongst all the tourists, hippies, and street bohemians of the neighborhood. The Milk Bar is hosting a modern psychedelic show with bands on the bill this evening, and things were shaping up to be a nice return to form for the Bay Area psych rock scene"

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    The Beatles: Get Back – Roof Top Concert

    The Beatles are back on the big screen in Get Back – The Roof Top Concert. The film focuses on The Beatles final unannounced live performance on the roof top of Apple Studios in London. This legendary concert took place during the recording sessions for ‘Let It Be’ on January 30th, 1969. The film captures the whole performance and the drama that unfolds as the police attempt to shut it down. The new film The Beatles: Get Back – Roof Top Concert premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2022. Due to Covid the film festival cancelled in-person screenings so the film premiered a dozens of IMAX Theaters around the…