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Joshua Cook & The Key of Now


Cover for Believe by Joshua Cook & The Key of Now

Joshua Cook & The Key of Now have taken the raw nature of The Stooges and have cut it down to a pulp, presenting us the listeners with the modern day Americana-infused psychedelic masterpiece. Each track is overflowing with the energy of riding down a desolated highway in a V-formation of motorcycles. Freedom is the final destination by any means necessary.

Joshua Cook has taken the message of the nearly forgotten forefathers of psychedelia by the bootstraps. Dusted them off. Picked them up where they left off and thrown them onto a motorcycle. But don’t for one second think these tracks are carbon copies of AM radio gods, as Joshua breathes an over-abundance of new life into each word sung. A wretched conviction permeates every second.

The album kicks off with “Believe”, a boastful sun-bleached track sprinkled with enough of the echo and reverb that’s present throughout the entire album. “Sorrow Creeping In” combines everything previously mentioned and ups every bit of ambiance by incorporating a soul-themed choir. Things are softened a bit with “When the Sun Goes Down” that just slowly explodes in a beautiful fury. “Call on Me” is almost reminiscent to a lovechild of everything off The Beatles’ Let It Be record.

And at the end of Believe we’re left with something both completely nostalgic and new. Toss any ounce of logic to the side of the road. Grow your hair long. And let love rain all over you.